Important Notices

It seems too sudden that we have to report we decided to stop SHINKA PLATFORM PROJECT temporarily, which we have been progressing smoothly, due to compliance problems by one former director of SHINKA PROJECT.

In December 2018, in spite of the opposition of the current directors, the former director abolished the listing on the KeY exchange without consent. Also, since SHINKA PROJECT was started, SHINKA COINs that had been deposited with the officer has not been returned to SHINKA PROJECT, and the situation is unknown.

In near future, we will set up a third party investigation committee including experts and conduct investigations.

Depending on the result, we will stop our own development of SHINKA PLATFORM, and SHINKA PROJECT will aim to issue new utility coins on the "Crypto Cash Platform" which will be newly developed on "Crypto Cash technology". And they will be used as coins of the new era.

White Paper