Provide a next generation
evolutionary cash platform
that can issue crypto token/coin which is regarded as the historical final form.


Ever since the Internet was opened to private sectors in the 1990s, commercial transactions on the Internet have grown explosively and have changed the traditional business custom fundamentally. And the world has dreamed of creating cash that can be used safely on the Internet.
An experimental attempt to use the ledger in 2009 has been shown to the world. This is Bitcoin using a block chain. Although Bitcoin demonstrated new ideas such as double trading prevention and consensus building of all participants in the community, it has already begun to cause many problems due to structural vulnerability and limitations.

What is?

Provide a crypto token platform by applying crypto cash technology which was designed originally for issuing legal tenders. Now, all issued (and will be issued) tokens /coins will be able to be evolved to crypto cash which will be the final form of historical currency by shifting to this new platform. Anybody in any community can issue any crypto token/coin that can be used on the Internet that does not require huge amounts of communication traffic or electricity, can be instantly settled and can be saved.

What we can

SHINKA COIN evolves to the first crypto token/coin, SHINKA CASH on the SHINKA Platform.
And, all tokens/coins evolve to crypto tokens/coins, Token/Coin CASH on the SHINKA Platform.

Our Product

CryptoToken Platform

The collapse of the coin platform using a block chain has already begun, and the provision of an alternative platform is awaited. Traditional block chain type coin platform has been subjected to repeated improvements, but it is known that structural defects cannot be overcome, and what is drawing attention as the most promising candidate that can solve this problem fundamentally is a CryptoToken Platform based on crypto cash technology.


The key encryption technology developed by NTI Group can solve the long-recognized issues of shared key exchange risk and encryption algorithm vulnerability. Even if devices such as quantum computers which can perform higher dimension calculations are used, it is possible to create generally unbreakable algorithms and safely share keys used for decryption.

Reference2:Crypto Cash

"Crypto Cash", the world's first crypto cash, is a currency that uses a symbol string as a pseudo tangible material (or entity) as a substitute to be exchanged when exchanging value, and as the cryptographic technology is completed, it was developed for the first time in the world as basic technology to issue legal tenders. Information of issuers and value of cash is uniquely associated with a completely encrypted symbol string, and this fact makes tampering, counterfeiting, false use impossible. By encrypting conditions such as credit information, usage conditions, interests, deadlines, crypto cash with various functions can be created. Since it is easy to send / save electronically, it can be issued as crypto metal money or crypto banknotes if it is engraved on metal or printed on paper because it does not matter about the recording medium.



Ryoichi Taga

Experience building systems such as digital signage, video distribution, online game, etc. After that, I also worked on the development of the FinTech field.
I support research in the AI field at the University of Tokyo.
I am interested in the virtual currency field for a long time and is developing and researching systems.



Degree in Marine Engineering and Master of Mechanical Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering from MIT.
After working at McKinsey & Company, conducted research at MIT on artificial intelligence and computer architecture. Representative director of NTI Inc.
Succeeded in developing encryption technology to replace existing encryption technology containing vulnerabilities, and in a historical first in 2015 invented the encrypted currency Crypto Cash and Crypto Chain as a replacement for Blockchain ledger technology.
Currently on the board of directors of the Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management.



Sophia University Department of Foreign Studies, Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology decision system theory doctoral candidate, St. Clements University (UK) Doctorate in Mathematical Physics.
Representative director of Blue Ocean Associates. Director of various foundations. Worked as a fund manager and risk manager at Nikko Asset Management, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. Gave FA and investment advice at First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies, including foreign VC, hedge funds, private equity funds, pension funds, investment trust, etc.